Monday, May 26, 2008

It's been 4 years - can you believe it?

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this weekend. I can't believe it's been 4 years! Time really does fly when you're having fun.

Technically it's this Thursday, but we always like to celebrate it over the 3 day Memorial weekend. This was the first time we stayed in town, and it was actually terrific! So nice just to relax together.

Saturday night we shared our favorite Almond Champagne with Hillary and then enjoyed an incredibly delicious dinner at 2900, one of our favorite spots in town. Very small, dark and romantic.
After church on Sunday we had a really fun time hanging out with good friends at Michael and Janelle's pool party. Between their dog (Maize) and what seemed like a thousand kids jumping the pool, we were thoroughly entertained all afternoon (and Dana of course was a hit with the kids once he and Foxy did the cannonballs of all cannonballs).

Today we indulged and hung out at the Four Seasons Hotel! It was such a treat. I could really just do that every year : ) First we got pedicures and then we had our first couples massage together. Afterwards we lounged at their pool and used one of my favorite books (Your Best Year Yet) to create the "top 10 goals" for our marriage for the upcoming year (this is such a great exercise - everyone should try this once a year).
Tomorrow it's back to work! Hope everyone had a nice, long weekend...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We must think we're 21 again...

Last night was such a blast! We started the evening with a romantic dinner at Mi Piaci and a bottle of Prosecco (compliments of the restaurant since it is our anniversary week!).
From there we met Hillary and Tom (who was in town on business) at the W Hotel to dance the night away at Ghost Bar. We ran into some fun coworkers from Frito and just ended up having a terrific time. We rarely (never actually?) dance at night clubs and do shots these days, so I really think we were so excited to see our friends that we must have thought we were 21 again.

Catching up....

We forgot to blog last weekend! Friday night I had a slumber party with the girls from church which was lots of fun, while Dana bowled with the guys. Saturday night we went to the grand opening party for Gordon-Biersch brewery with the Hottingers and the Garners. Sunday our dear friend Lauren was baptized in a nearby lake and our small group all got in for it, so that was exciting (but a bit muddy). Great times...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for the Best Gift ever?

We just discovered the most amazing gifts for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Showers, Wedding Gifts, etc! If you're looking for the perfect gift that will really touch someone's heart, look no farther than Personalized Calligraphy creations. You submit up to 80 adjectives or so to describe someone (or their marriage, etc) and then it is all custom-made into an incredible work of framed art. You get to pick the color and you can include bible verses or favorite quotes too. It's truly a gift someone will cherish for a lifetime - all for $75. If you are interested in having your own creation made, contact

Here are a couple pictures of one that we had made for Dana's mom recently. She loved it! We also did one for a good friend's birthday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Today we're loving our wonderful mothers! I actually had the pleasure of seeing mine this weekend (along with my dad and grandfather and my dear highschool friend Erin) in St. Louis. We were missing the California side of the family, but things probably worked out they best they could since Dana had to work all weekend.

My mom and I went to this super cute wine bar/tapas place called Roxanne's for anyone heading to STL anytime soon. We also saw a cute movie (What Happens in Vegas - with Cameron D. and Ashton K.) - pretty funny if you're looking for some silly fluff for a girls night out. It was a really nice weekend!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Shake it, Shake it, Shake it...The Macarena never dies

The Kappas do the Macarena at dinner on our Royal Carribean cruise

Cruises and Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

This was a fabulous weekend for both of us. Dana had a blast catching up with good friends at the Boyle's Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby party, while Christine went on a 3-day bachelorette cruise to celebrate Caroline's upcoming wedding.

The weather on the Royal Caribbean cruise was perfect! The boat left from LA and briefly went down to Encinada, Mexico. We had so much fun hanging out by the pool, touring wineries, goofing off on-stage, playing bingo, losing money in the casino, dancing in the night club and competing in a scavenger hunt on the boat.