Thursday, August 23, 2012

Investing in Girls

Here's a photo from the Girls Club program at Ark of the Rainbow. Girls Club is an after-school, once-a-week meeting with pre-teen/teen girls who live in poverty. During their time in the club, they are taught valuable life skills and about making positive choices in life. The meetings, which are a lot of fun, teach confidence, empowerment and about having a relationship with God. Girls are also taught about taking care of their bodies, and provided with sanitary pads, etc. for health purposes. If you have a topic that you think the girls would benefit from, let me know! We're always looking for new ideas for content. And if you ever visit Bangalore and would like to attend or teach at Girls Club, that would be great too!

Happy 1st Birthday to Reese

Happy birthday little one. Oh how much you've changed in a year! And what incredibly joy you've brought into our lives!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Birthday Party to Remember

We celebrated Reese's 1st birthday last weekend, and it was one of the best days of my life. It just created such a special memory. I feel so grateful to have a healthy child... and she was just SO happy. She loved playing with the other kids, and she devoured her cake! The day was just as much fun for her as it was for us, and that was the best. I loved having my mom and Dana's parents in-town to share it with us too! They were so helpful with decorating, making food and taking photos and videos of our guests. It was truly a special, special day!

Highlights from Reese's 1 year photo shoot

Here are some beautiful photos of our little angel!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi Reese - It's me... Reese!

Dana made a slideshow of his favorite pics from Reese's first year. Reese loved seeing photos of herself on the TV. I might just keep this slideshow running in our home each day!

Two happy ladies

Reese and Grandma Judy... looking pretty content : )

3 Generations

Last weekend we had the pleasure of both of our mothers staying with us. They were so sweet to fly in to celebrate Reese's 1st birthday with us. It was so special to me to have multiple generations of the women in our family together for such a special occasion. I love this photo of the 3 "mothers" giving Reese a bath together.

Splish Splash

Wiih temperatures above 100 degrees, we've had a good excuse to spend some sweet time with Reese in the pool. She loves to "splish splash", but is still getting comfortable with learning to float, going underwater, and swimming through the waterfall. She is just so darn cute!