Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local Produce and Lady Gaga

We signed up through a local farm co-op to get organic produce 2x per month, so we've been cooking up a storm lately as we look for ways to use up all of the ingredients. We've been cooking everything from beet and dandelion leaf salads, to potato and carrot soup, to apple pear crisp for dessert (just to name a few of our many creative concoctions!) It's really nice because it's making us refocus on trying to cook more at home/eat out less and eat healthier.

The only downside thus far is that Dana ended up in the emergency room due to a small kitchen incident with a knife. I laugh because they gave him stitches in his thumb with blue thread, so of course it coordinates with everything he wears (since he loves blue).

Other than that, we've just been continuing to prepare of the baby (we find out the sex in 2 weeks!!!) and enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather. There's not much I love more than sitting outside by the pool while enjoying a good book, or taking a nice walk with Dana.

I've been getting quite large too with the growing baby bump. Here are some pics from about a week ago, when I was about 16 1/2 weeks pregnant. I really don't think they do justice to how big my stomach is if you see it in person. It already sticks out as far as my chest does, which should give you some idea of how much Baby Allen has been growing : )

The biggest excitement lately has been attending the Lady Gaga concert with Janelle, Kate, Shea and Jen Saenz. While Gaga is really quite talented, she's also totally bizarre. It was a crazy concert - but incredibly memorable. The people watching was out of this world since so many people came in costumes!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Action, Adventure, Excitement

Last week my team at work had an exhilarating outing to the Nascar track in Fort Worth, where we went to driving school and practiced driving real Nascar vehicles around the track at 150 mph. I actually didn't get to drive due to my pregnancy (bummer!) but I had a blast wearing the outfit and taking fun photos.

Friday night we co-hosted a Going Away Party for our dear friends the Blanchards. It was a fun night, but so bittersweet since they've been part of a core group of friends of ours for years. We wish them the best in Bentonville and hope that book club can survive without Gretchen!