Friday, January 25, 2013

Hiking with the Family

One of our favorite family activities lately is to take hikes at the Arbor Hills Nature Reserve. I'm so impressed with Dana every time he crosses a stream with a stroller! We're definitely trying to not let having 2 kids stop us from getting out and enjoying the woods on beautiful days. Here's a photo of Asher getting some post-hike nourishment at the end of one of our recent outings. Reese was nearby playing on the playground that we visit at the end of our hikes.

Not everything goes as planned

Yesterday I tried to teach Reese to use tissues to blow her nose. I was unsuccessful and this was the result... She decided to shred the entire kleenex box when I walked away for a minute to do laundry.
Later she discovered that our DVD/video game drawers weren't locked. Uh oh!

Asher gets some sweet loving

There is a lot of love for this little guy all around...

My first sewing project

My mother-in-law, Judy, is trying to help me learn how to sew. For our first project, we made a couple of pillowcase dresses for Reese. Then Judy made a matching dress for Reese's doll. They took awhile, but turned out super cute!
We also made a Christmas table runner. We didn't finish it until January, so I can't wait to display it next year!

Loving our new membership to the Dallas Arboretum

We've had some really beautiful days this winter (in the 60s and 70s). Here's a picture with Dana's parents on one of those gorgeous sunny days!

My Gym

Reese recently joined "My Gym", which is essentially a gymnastics gym for Toddlers. She has gotten to play there with Mom, Dad and Grandma. She is loving her weekly classes! She runs all over the place and enjoys all of the equipment, except for the swings. She doesn't really love swings.... or water. Which is why she is also now signed up for weekly swim classes with Dad! Hopefully we can overcome that by summer so that she can enjoy the pool.

Reese is a chatter box

Reese is now chatting up a storm. She talks all the time, even though we rarely, know what she's saying : ) When she first started talking, her favorite words were "up" and "uh oh", but now she knows hundreds of words (including all of the animals and the noises they - which she loves to imitate). Recently, Grandpa Ron started teaching her colors. Her latest favorite word is "ipad" since Daddy just gave her one!