Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Our Way!

We stayed up the entire night packing and then left this morning at 4 AM for the airport. Right now I'm emailing from the Cathay Pacific One World airline lounge in LA (during a lay-over). I don't want to leave! We're enjoying complimentary lobster bisque, croissants, champagne, lattes, etc.... my time zones are already really messed up because I'm eating this and it's only like 9 AM here. Goodness... We'll be in Hong Kong in about 15 hours. Can't wait!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rollerskates and Fondue

This weekend we had so much fun doing 2 things that we RARELY have a chance to do! Our church small group went out for pizza and Rollerskating on Friday and a few Frito couples got together on Saturday for a Fondue party. Yummm! Memorable Moments: Our friend John unfortunately broke his finger rollerskating (it's more dangerous than it looks) and the girls whooped the boys at Catch Phrase following Fondue. Now they have to plan a fun date for us and let us be "Queen for the Day" which means they have to do everything we want on the day of our choice. Nice!

Memories of a Beautiful Friend

People like Lindsey will never be forgotten... Here's a beautiful song I just heard that was written especially for her, and a link to Baby Hudson's blog.

Click Here for Lindsey's Song:

Click Here for Hudon's Blog:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

You'll appreciate this if you went to Business School...

I guarantee you a good laugh from this video if you went to business school. We actually tried to hire this guy to work at Frito!

Click here for Fuqua Follies Video

Superhuman People

Check out this video! It's totally random but really fun to watch!

Pub Fifa Street 3 (Foot Capoeira)

(Found via Coudal Partners and

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friends more precious than Gold

It was SOOOO good to see Kristie. We stayed up until 3 AM watching "The Sixth Sense" and just talking. She is such an amazing person. I am very touched by what her and Kate are doing to help orphans in Africa.

Kristie was able to push back her flight so that Dana could cook her pancakes but then she was off to enjoy her ski trip.

Dana & I spent the rest of Saturday just relaxing, organizing our house and catching up on sleep. Sunday I made A LOT of soup - Black Bean to be exact. Our couples group at church is doing a soup exchange tonight.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mavericks and Famous Chefs

What a fun week! Monday, I had girls night with Sondra. Tuesday, I enjoyed an AMAZING tasting menu at Fearings - an award-winning new restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton. It was unbelievable, and since we were at the chef's table it was served by the famous chef himself! Wednesday, Dana and I were invited to the Dallas Mavericks game with PEOPLE magazine. Thursday, Dana prepared a yummy romantic Valentine's dinner of lobster, wine and chocolate truffles. (When we deck out the house in candles and white lights, I really like it better than any restaurant!)

Tonight we're looking forward to a fun dinner with two other couples (Kelley/Carl & Janelle/Michael) and then my wonderful friend Kristie (who lives in New York City) is dropping by for a slumber party (her plane actually got stuck here on the way to her ski trip - lucky for me!).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Girls Night

Tonight I FINALLY had a chance to catch up with my friend Sondra. Sondra's been a dear friend of mine since high school, and it's amazing that she ended up living 20 minutes away from me in a city that is far from where we grew up! Unfortunately, it's rare that we are able to find time to connect because she has 3 kids... and we're always traveling. Tonight was a treat because we met for coffee and shopping! Just in time for me to pick up some new things for Vietnam...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Double the Fun

What a treat! Yesterday we enjoyed lunch with Carl & Kelley Loredo and had a chance to spend some quality time with their new twins - Ainsley & Gage. They're precious!

Later we enjoyed delicious Bleu Cheese Bison burgers for dinner at Erol & Danielle's house. Rachel & Bill Fiely joined as well, and were treated to Dana's yummy molten chocolate cake dessert. The girls crushed the guys when we played "Turbo Cranium" - so now they have to plan a fun date for the 3 of us!
Today our church started a really interesting series on "Engaging in your Marriage" which sounds exciting. We took Part 2 of our Membership class this afternoon so now we're thrilled to truly be official!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scott Macke finally makes it to Dallas!

Last night Hillary, Dana and I were in for a treat. Scott Macke, one of Dana's roommates from business school, was in town from San Diego on business and able to grab a nice meal with us.

We picked the Silver Fox steakhouse (in honor of Chris Solomon of course) and dined on a fabulous meal! Hillary and I enjoyed how easy it is to stick to South Beach at a steak house.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthdays & Superbowl Parties

This weekend we celebrated Lauren's birthday with fajitas & game night. Lauren is in our small group from church. She was born in 1982. While we enjoyed rocking out to 80's music in honor of the year she was born (80s music is the best!), I feel old! It's interesting that we have friends 6 years younger than us, but none 6 years older... what exactly does that say about us? I guess as long as we don't have kids we can still hang out with the newly marrieds : ) Anyhow, it was a great time. The girls beat the guys in "Catch Phrase" & "Trivial Pursuit". I have to say I learned a lot of new trivia!

Sunday we listened to an awesome sermon on Finding your Purpose in life. It ties in nicely to the fact that we just started reading "A Purpose Driven Life". We're very focused on our purpose right now! In fact, we're considering going to Africa, Iraq, Egypt or India for 2 months to support a Christian non-profit group (Partners International) that is planting schools and churches in these areas. We'd also like to get a group of friends and family together to donate funds and help build a school or medical clinic in a much needed area. If you're feeling called to make a difference in the world, let us know! We'll let you know more as we figure it all out...

Tonight our other small group friends, Ryan & Stephanie, hosted a fun Superbowl party. Stephanie has a new espresso machine so she made us all elegant drinks. She's quite a Martha Stewart!

Hope you all had a great weekend! This week is a HUGE week at work, but after this things should quiet down dramatically until we leave for our Asia trip in 3 weeks... Can't wait!