Sunday, April 17, 2011

Highlights from the last month

I'm really getting bad at keeping this blog updated, so before I forget it all, here are some updates from the last month:

Christine started taking an evening graduate school class on Human Rights (just for fun to learn more about issues around the world) at SMU.

We both spent an amazing week in Napa for FL Leadership Training. We were treated to one of the most beautiful hotels we've ever stayed at, and we spent each day at the famous Culinary Institute of America, eating great food and listening to incredible speakers each day (like Francis Ford Coppola speaking about "The Art of Storytelling").

We spent a weekend in San Francisco and enjoyed catching up with old friends (Jen Bedi, Tom Yu) and their families. We had a wonderful day with Dana's parents there as well, enjoying brunch at Ella's (our favorite) and a stroll through the gorgeous Japanese Botanical Gardens. We also opened our "special envelope" from the doctor while we were visiting them and all found out that we are having a BABY GIRL!!!!

Christine spent a weekend in Vegas with 7 girlfriends celebrating the upcoming marriage of one of her favorite people in the whole world - Kristie DeKoker. They stayed at the new Aria hotel, which was quite beautiful, and spent quality time eating delicious food, shopping and getting makeovers, dancing at Haze, toasting at the Chandelier bar, and watching Kristie have fun losing her money at poker, craps and roulette.

Christine spent a week in NYC as her work team took over Times Square for a PR event. The FL Flavor Kitchen filmed live cooking shows each day with celebrity chefs, and sampled many of the new all-natural flavors that FL has launched this year. While she was there, she was able to catch up with old friends (Jason Frank and Kate Mescal) which made it all the more fun!

Other than that, we've had some fun double-dates, but mostly we've been working on getting ready for the baby (doing research for our baby registry, writing our wills, researching cord blood banks, trying (fruitlessly) to think of a good name for the baby, etc). There just seems to be a lot to get done before the little one arrives!

Here's a picture of my 20 lb. baby belly at 21 1/2 weeks...