Sunday, January 9, 2011

One final holiday party

Our church community group got together for a post-holidays Holiday Dinner on Saturday. It was really a great idea to do it after the stress of the holidays. We had a great time, and thankfully the ice cream for Dana's chocolate molten cakes didn't melt in the car on the way there even though construction made the typically short drive take 1.5 hours!

Hancocks and Rutledges - we missed you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You've just got to laugh about it...

So the thing I'm most looking forward to this year is a wedding. In May, my dear friend and inspiration in life, Kristie, will be walking down the aisle in Turks and Caicos... and I am honored to stand by her side (as she did at my own wedding in 2004).

The humorous piece of this though is everything that has not gone as planned so far with being in this wedding.

First, I found out we were pregnant last year and going to miss the first wedding date due to 3rd trimester travel restrictions. Kristie, being such an angel, moved the entire wedding 3 months later! Then, our pregnancy abruptly ended. So at this point Kristie has a wedding that is already scheduled 3 months later than she had hoped, and I have a babysitter with a plane ticket to Turks and Caicos that I will no longer need (it's okay Ana - we're still glad you're coming!)

Now take 2.... Once again we find out that we're pregnant (a second time). At this point I think I'll be 6 months pregnant at the wedding. Having no idea what size I'll be, I order TWO NON-RETURNABLE bridesmaid dresses from Ann Taylor in larger sizes. Then, once again, our pregnancy abruptly ends. So then I have to order a THIRD non-returnable dress in my current size since I no longer will be 6 months pregnant. At this point the other dress style is sold out in my size, so I need to choose a new dress.

So basically we now have: a wedding that's 3 months late, an extra babysitter flying to this island, two extra dresses that will likely never get worn and no baby. It's actually all pretty funny if I let myself appreciate the humor in it all.

Regardless of the path it takes us to get there, all that matters is that Kristie and Corey have a happy, happy marriage - and I know they will! I am very excited to share in their special day.

P.S. If anyone wants this dress in a 6 or an 8, please let me know! : )

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grateful for MORE family...

After a nice visit with the Allens, I had a wonderful time visiting the Galofre side of the family back in St. Louis this weekend. We missed you Ana!

I went to the symphony, tried a couple new restaurants (Nosh is awesome), did a little shopping, spent some quality time visiting with my grandfather, took a latin dance class, met up for brunch with a dear friend from high school (Erin Cleary Sullivan) and saw the movie "The Black Swan".

It was great to be back home and to see my mom's sleek new condo for the first time (even though she's lived in it over a year). The only downfall was that is was COLD, so it's nice to be back in Texas!